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Information of HITA CITY
  locate,climate,brief outlinr
  Hita through the seasons
  Long ago in Hita (Orign of Hita)
  The history of Hita City NO.1
  The history of Hita City NO.2
  21century of Hita
  A city which blends old and new.
  Local industry
  Hita's Artisans
  Expansion through the attraction of industry.
  Revitalizing Agriculture and Forestry
  A function and comfortable city
  Entering the age of the Expressway.1
  Entering the age of the Expressway.2
  Creating an attractive city 1.
  Creating an attractive city 2.
  A comfortable pleasant city in which to live
  Preserving our pure,delicius water 1
  Preserving our pure,delicius water 2
  A city that cares fot its pwople
  Health improvement by the individuaal
  A city with a caring welfare system
  A happy and secure old age
  Day service center
  Silver employment center
  Shining with hopes the future of Hita.
  A tasteful cultures city
  Childre who cary the future of Hita
  A city which blends history,culture and nature
  kangien & Onta-pottery
  Hita Gion festival 1
  Hita Gion festival 2
  River-opening festival
  The tenryo festival
  A city steeped in histry 1
  A city steeped in histry 2
  The hina dolls of th kusano family
  Reaching out of the world 1
  Reaching out of the world 2
  Participation by all in developing the city
  The Idia's Map of The Aquapolis Hita 1
  The Idia's Map of The Aquapolis Hita 2
  The municipal assembly
  Wide-sphere administration 1
  Wide-sphere administration 2

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Nishi KamabokotenHow about kamaboko.(Fishi Meats boiled Foods maker. Do you know Kamaboko?)

  UKIYOE..Now I'm under construction.
  Gion in HITA...GIF-movies
    How many ?..How many same color&same shape.?
    Which are same ?...puzzle
    Fishing..How many fishes?
    Semaphore..Semaphore of a glamor girl ...(Japanese)..study&puzzle
    WANTED make a montage...Use Dynamic-HTML..Intelligent-puzzle ...
    15game...Use Dynamic-HTML..Intelligent-puzzle ...
    jigsaw-puzzle.. Use DM-HTML...Jigsaw-puzzle Sight of Hita-City
    Pylamid-tiles...Use DM-HTML..How many times are you move them
    Merry X'mas...Use DM-HTML..X'mas-Tree Decoration game
    The Syogi...Use DM-HTML..Japanese inteliigent game

Ukiyo-Toko ...Only ADULT
  Ukiyo-Toko ...Only ADULT..Entrance is secret.
  MINI-rear Ukiyo-Toko ...Only ADULT..Entrance is secret.
  BIG-rear Ukiyo-Toko ...Only ADULT..Entrance is secret.
  Ukiyo-Toko-old-Comics ...Only ADULT..Entrance is secret.

  SCHOOL's Song..School's songs in HITA
  FORLK Songs...Forlk songs in HITA


Movies & Recordings
  movie AVI-FILE.........Now I'm under construction.
  video real-FILE.........Now I'm under construction.
  Gion in HITA GIF-Movie
  Forlksong in HITA WAV-FILE
  Fireworking GIF-Movie
  Performance CHINDON-HITAYA GIF-Movie

TheTUBO Tubo is one of Oriental medicine.



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