A confortable,pleasant city in which to live;

in seach of a better environment

Children playing ina clean stream.

An affluent, enjoyable lifestyle is something that everyone aspires to. In Hita, we are blessed with a good environment, and citizens earnest in their desire to protect that environment. However, as lifestyles improve, the demands made on the/environment tend to become greater and more varied. In Hita, we are working to create a pleasant, Ieisurely, convenient city, and are improving the enterprises and facilities that form an integral part of our daily lives.


As Hita's other name, 'Waterside Hita' shows, Hita is blessed in both the quantity and the quality of its water. However, as urbanization progresses and living standards rise, it is expected that the demand for water will grow. Thus, work is going ahead to secure water supplies and to expand facilities and areas supplied, based on long-term estimates of the demand for water. Drainage systems, the barometer of a city's modernity, are an indispensible facility. In Hita sewage is treated through a separate sewer system, and rain water arteries and urban drains are being developed for urban waste water. In 1984, Hita was designated an Aquatopia (town with an ideal water system), and since then it has been striving to provide a waterside environment and infrastructure in keeping with the city scape.


The rise in living standards in recent years has brought about a sudden rise in the amount and rariety of garbage. The new Waste Disposal Center has the capacity to deal with 90 tons of garbage per day, and operates day and night burning combustible garbage. However, the quantity of garbage appears to be increasing, so we are conducting an active drive to separate garbage, to reduce the amount generated, and to recycle resources.




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