Local industry

House of Hita cedar

High-quality, Iow-cost, stylish wooden housing using mainly Hita cedar is supplied to the consumer direct from the place of production.
Hita wooden footwear

Hita produces more wooden footwear than anywhere else in Japan. The main materials used are cedar, cypress and pawlonia, of which Hita is blessed with rich resources, and the finished products are shipped all over Japan.
Delicious Hita Sake

Hita's delicious water and rice are used to make a variety of local rice wines. A symbol of the wineshop, the "Sake forest" on display is a reminder of the history and the taste of the sake.
The collection, processing and

marketing of Hita timber.

The timber industry was formerly engaged mainly in the primary processing of timber; with the introduction of new techniques for collection and processing, this Industry has made great advances in joint enterprises.



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