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Citizens Assembly Rooms

Completion of the Shimin Kaikan (Citizens' Assembly Rooms). The hall with its desks become a talking-point.

Culture Center

Completion of the Culture Center designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

Municipal Flower

The municipal flower (made official 17th January, 1975). Chosen as the perfect match for Hita's waterside image.

Municipal Bird

The municipal bird, the wagtail (made official 29th November, 1980). This graceful bird lives by waterways, and wags its long tail feathers up and down.

Municipal Shrub

The municipal flowering shrub, the sasanqua (made official 29th November, 1980). This evergreen shrub of the camellia family puts forth its beautiful flowers from October to December.

Chemical Testing Association

The Chemical Testing Association began operations in 1982, after a decision to attract industries to the Ishii Industrial Estate.

Ozakotsujibaru Ruins

Japan's oldest ruins - the residence of a powerful family, discovered at Ozakotsujibaru.

Municipal Offices

Perspective drawing of the new municipal offices. They were completed in January, 1992.