Festivals--A source of energy for the people of Hita.

Hita gion festival 1(A prefectural intangible cultural treasure)

The Hita gion festival,a soul-strirring festival held over the summer to pray for peace and to ward off illness and damage from storm and flood,began around the fourth yeare of Shotoku(1714),when the people of Hita began building the festival floats. At one time the floats were magnificent affairs over ten meters high,but from around the end of the Meiji Period (the beginning of the 20th century) they have only been about 6 metres high to avoid electrical wires. A total of eight floats,four from the Kuma district and four the Mameda district,are pulled around the town. Recently the festival has been showing some of its former excitement and bustler;last year the eight groups gatherd with their floats in front of JR Hita Station,and this year, a special float ten meters high made its apperance once again.



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